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Bloodborn (Ulrika the Vampire, book 1)

By Nathan Long

Bloodborn (Ulrika the Vampire, book 1)

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2013-08-15 07:28:52
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2013-08-17 14:28:52


Rating: 7

As a freshly turned vampire, Ulrika must come to terms with her new life as a bloodsucking creature of the night under the guidance of Gabriella, the vampire who has claimed her after Ulrika’s friends slew her creator. She’s put to the test when Gabriella is summoned to Nuln to help investigate a rash of killings that are being blamed on her fellow vampires. She must use all her abilities and enlist the aid of her sworn enemy, a witchhunter, to get to the bottom of the mystery where everyone is set against each other and no one can be trusted.

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