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Single Witch’s Survival Guide (Washington Witches, book 4)

By Mindy Klasky

Single Witch’s Survival Guide (Washington Witches, book 4)


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2021-01-14 18:55:15
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2021-01-18 18:55:15


Rating: 7

From the publisher:
Jane Madison’s life is perfect. She’s left her unsatisfying librarian job, moved to the country with her boyfriend David Montrose (who is also her sworn astral protector), and opened a school for witches.

Alas, Jane never thought a couple of students could possibly be so challenging. And she didn’t plan on her feline familiar growing distracted and disenchanted with all things magical. She certainly didn’t think Hecate’s Court would mandate a Major Working as soon as Halloween. And it never crossed her mind that she and David would end up fighting about…everything!

Before long, Jane wonders if she should ditch her school altogether. But that would have dire magical repercussions–in addition to tossing her love-life in the trash. Can Jane find a survival guide in time to rescue the Jane Madison Academy–and everything else she holds dear?

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