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Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft (Washington Witches, book 1)

By Mindy Klasky

Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft (Washington Witches, book 1)


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2020-12-25 19:49:18
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2020-12-27 19:49:18


Rating: Unrated

From the publisher:
Jane Madison has a problem. Or two. Or three.

She has a desperate crush on her Imaginary Boyfriend, a man who doesn’t know she exists. Her doting grandmother insists she meet her long-absent mother. She’s working as a librarian, trapped in absurd costumes and serving up lattes in a last-ditch effort to keep her employer solvent.

In lieu of a well-deserved raise, Jane is allowed to live in an ancient cottage on the library grounds. She soon discovers a hidden chamber filled with magical books that awaken her inner witch.

Her first spell releases a smart-mouthed feline familiar. Her second makes her irresistible to men. Those witchy workings draw a compelling astral enforcer, David Montrose.

Will magic–and David–solve Jane’s problems? Or only bring her more disasters?

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