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Queen of Corruption (The Blackwood Curse, book 1)

By Melissa McCann

Queen of Corruption (The Blackwood Curse, book 1)


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2021-06-20 09:18:11
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2021-06-22 09:18:11


Rating: 6

From the publisher:
I thought I was done being a hero when I came home from Iraq, but occult forces are opening doors into hostile universes in my hometown, and it will take a hero to save my world from destruction.

Alistair and I were all but brothers when we were growing up, but while I was gone, he changed. Or maybe he was always subtly twisted, and I never saw past the sad, lonely boy who entertained me with weird and wonderful stories deep into the night with the covers over our heads. Now he has found a way to make the most terrible of those stories into reality.

Who would believe me if I tried to tell them? Only one — the fey and brilliant girl who tutored me in high school. With Mora’s help, I might just save Alistair and the universe and find my way home again.

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