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A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Monsters

By Martin H. Greenberg & Kerrie Hughes, editors

A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Monsters

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Tags: anthology, fantasy, martin h greenberg, paranormal romance, urban fantasy

Started reading:
2010-05-27 07:42:21
Finished reading:
2010-05-28 12:32:21


Rating: 6

A versatile and diverse collection of stories (once you get past the generic and derivative cover). And despite the title, many of the stories are less about guns and not much in the urban fantasy vein, though a couple of the ones I particularly enjoyed are of that ilk. I particularly enjoyed the short story featuring Tanya Huff’s character Vicki Nelson and thought “The Wooly Mountains” by Alexander Potter is definitely something I would read if it there were a series due to the excellent world-building and characterization.

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