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The Book Thief

By Markus Zusak

The Book Thief

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Started reading:
2009-12-21 10:47:15
Finished reading:
2010-01-07 13:17:25


Rating: 8

Initially, the style of this book is a bit off-putting, in part because the omniscient narrator is Death. More than that, I found the lists and definitions a bit jarring since they’re very obtrusive. The story is also somewhat non-linear since the narrator comments on the story in the past tense. The story is well-told, however, and the characters particularly compelling and have a certain degree of levity, somewhat unusual for a story set in the midst of Nazi Germany (much like the movie Life is Beautiful, but without the self-conscious quirkiness). The ending of the book more than makes up for the somewhat slow moving and disjointed beginning.

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