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The Keys of Solomon (Offspring series, book 2)

By Liam Jackson

The Keys of Solomon (Offspring series, book 2)

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Started reading:
2009-06-02 10:12:19
Finished reading:
2009-06-04 11:07:33


Rating: 5

The sequel to Offspring with the addition of a new group in the mix. The Watchers are the descendents of the Knights Templar and are mentioned in the first book along with their earlier history. Here, they play a much more prominent role. This book, like the previous one, suffers a bit from pacing, with the climactic events coming towards the middle, tapering off at the end and then one smaller event that happens almost as an after thought. And it reads more like a sequel that will be a lead-in to a third book. It’s interesting that the young adult series The Power of Five by Anthony Horowitz suffered from the same thing in the second book, Evil Star, so perhaps that’s endemic to apocalyptic series with characters possessing mystic powers?

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