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The Complete Sylvan Investigations

By Laura Anne Gilman

The Complete Sylvan Investigations


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2021-10-01 12:52:04
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2021-10-12 13:17:02


Rating: 7

From the publisher:
Ex-cop Danny Hendrickson and his partner Ellen could be any low-rent
private investigators trying to make a difference, and a living, in New
York City.

Except Danny’s father was a faun, and Ellen is a storm-seer.

Together, they save people.
Or try to, anyway.

Miles to Go
It’s an ordinary day, another ordinary — for Danny — job, when he’s approached by a young woman who has information he needs to solve a case. All she wants to do is help. When a life — or more — are on the line, it’s hard to turn that down. But the cost of that information will change Danny’s life…forever.

Promises to Keep
Following up on the events of MILES TO GO, Danny has a boring snoop-and-scoop infidelity case, the kind of thing that pays the bills and keeps everyone fed. But his new — and magical — partner sees something more in the scenario…and what she sees is deadly. To the client — and to them.

Work of Hunters
Ellen’s most recent vision strikes a memory for Danny – a memory that quickly turns deadly. Soon, they are racing the clock not only to stop a new killing, but to find justice for the long-dead.

An Interrupted Cry
A blackout hits New York City. Talent – cut off from the current that fuels their abilities – are at a disadvantage. Already reeling from one of her visions, Ellen discovers that her partner/mentor, Danny Hendrickson, has gone missing, leaving a violent scene behind…
…and the city is in the dark about what’s coming, in more ways than one.

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