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The Moon Maze Game (Dream Park, book 4)

By Larry Niven, Steven Barnes

The Moon Maze Game (Dream Park, book 4)

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Started reading:
2011-09-18 19:28:36
Finished reading:
2011-09-19 21:53:37


Rating: 7

One of the biggest games ever takes place on the moon and some of the top-rated players will be in attendance. This latest book picks up years after previous books and features the next generation of characters from previous books (for example, the son of Alex Griffin, who appeared in the first book as the head of security). As the game is taking place, a plan to kidnap one of the players, the heir to the leadership of a small African country, is unfolding and the players find their ingenuity taxed as they must deal with this threat. Some of the scenes and the overall plot come close to capturing some of the magic of the original book.

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