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Trinity Vol. 2

By Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley, Fabian Nicieza

Trinity Vol. 2

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Tags: alfred, batman, superman, trinity, wonder woman

Started reading:
2010-03-02 06:25:03
Finished reading:
2010-03-03 13:38:20


Rating: 7

Continuing the saga with the radically altered Earth and with Krona freed from the Cosmic Egg. However, things have gone wrong and the new trinity is desperately unstable. The alternate history without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is well-done and portrayed through fragmentary memories by those who were closest to them (such as Alfred Pennyworth) or those unaffected by the changes. Firestorm’s recollections of how things were supposed to be is very well done and explains why the Justice League didn’t form the way it should have.

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