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At The Crossing Places (Arthur Trilogy, book 2)

By Kevin Crossley-Holland

At The Crossing Places (Arthur Trilogy, book 2)

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2012-01-16 06:58:22
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Rating: 7

Now that he knows who his real father is, Arthur is sent to be a squire to Lord Stephen at Holt Manor. When the friar Fulk comes preaching a crusade, Stephen swears to take the cross and to set out for the Land Oversea. Meanwhile, discovering that his first love, Grace, is his half-sister and they can no longer be married, he sets his sights on Winifred de Verdon. At the same time, he learns more of his mother, though it’s a risky undertaking as his father would prefer things be left undisturbed. The parallels with the story of King Arthur continue as Arthur de Caldicot learns of courtly love, honor and bravery.

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