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Black Glass: The Lost Cyberpunk Novel

By John Shirley

Black Glass: The Lost Cyberpunk Novel

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Started reading:
2009-06-17 09:24:03
Finished reading:
2009-06-21 18:10:27


Rating: 6

Billed as “The Lost Cyberpunk Novel”, I’m excited that John Shirley published this book under the aegis of Elder Signs Press. In the introductory remarks to the book, Shirley says, “Black Glass was conceived under a different name and as a different kind of project, in the early days of cyberpunk, by myself and William Gibson.” So, while it’s antecedents are classic cyberpunk, this is a thoroughly current read and just as great as the author’s other work (including the classic cyberpunk A Song Called Youth trilogy). I think my favorite scene is where the hero uses a ball-peen hammer in an attempt to batter to pieces the server housing the psychotic multi-semblant (a collection of personality engrams that’s effectively self-aware).

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