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Debris (Veiled Worlds Trilogy, book 1)

By Jo Anderton

Debris (Veiled Worlds Trilogy, book 1)

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2012-01-16 10:52:01
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2012-01-16 10:52:01


Rating: 7

The technology that drives the city of Movoc-Under-Keeper is pions: they light the streets and houses, provide running water and heat,and are used to build everything. The waste products from the use of pions are debris, useless for anything. Everyone knows this, particularly pion-binder and architect Tanyana. When she falls and is abandoned by everyone she knows, she becomes a collector, one who cleans up debris. In doing so, she learns things about her world she never knew and discovers that debris is just as vital and alive as the pions she previously wielded.

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