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The Snow Queen’s Shadow (Princess Novels, book 4)

By Jim C. Hines

The Snow Queen’s Shadow (Princess Novels, book 4)

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2011-09-01 06:04:22
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2011-09-06 18:03:38


Rating: 6

When Queen Beatrice dies, Snow attempts to save her life using her mother’s mirror. Instead, things go horribly wrong and the demon trapped in the mirror by her mother is set free and possesses Snow. Using fragments of the mirror, Snow enslaves others to do her bidding, kidnaps Danielle’s son Jakob and returns to Allesandria to exact revenge on everyone, though with the demon ultimately wants to simply destroy everything. Danielle, Talia and Greta Snow’s magically constructed “sister) must follow her and rescue Jakob, though they want to save Snow also.

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