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Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, book 11)

By Jim Butcher

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, book 11)

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Started reading:
2009-06-24 06:17:29
Finished reading:
2009-06-25 22:28:22


Rating: 7

It’s amazing to me that this series remains fresh despite the number of books preceding this one. The action and the supernatural creepies keep coming, Harry Dresden is his usual hard-bitten and acerbic self in a story that promises some resolution of his long-standing feud with his enemy, the Warden Morgan, who has dogged him through the last ten books. Unlike other long-running series, this book really feels like a part of a bigger story rather than being either one improbable villain piled on top of another or the highly episodic villain of the month. In this latest book, some revelations are made, some people die and others change (who knew Toot-toot the pixie would be a for-real hero?) and the stage is set for another book that promises to continue the saga. This book is one of the better in the series, in part because Dresden begins to feel more mature and interactions with the senior wizards of the White Council more as an equal. Seeing those same wizards in action is also very well-done, particularly when Joseph Listens-to-Wind battles the big nasty – as a variation on the theme of shapeshifting battles as with Gwion and Ceridwen or Menelaus and Proteus, it’s fun and fits well in the narrative.

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