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Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology

By Jeff Yang, Parry Shen, Keith Chow, Jerry Ma

Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology

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Started reading:
2012-07-10 13:59:00
Finished reading:
2012-07-13 13:59:00


Rating: 7

A smorgasbord of superhero stories featuring original characters of interleaved with real life stories and narratives that captures the Asian American experience and goes beyond the stereotypical Asian heroes that are so prevalent (while still woefully under-represented on the whole) in the world of mainstream comics. The real people featured in the book include many of the contributors touching on why superhero stories resonate and the importance of Asian American role models in pop culture. There’s a variety of great stories and art styles, making this anthology a great read. I’m even happier there’s a second book in the works.

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