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Something More Than Night

By Ian Tregillis

Something More Than Night

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2014-01-15 09:11:10
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2014-01-16 20:50:33


Rating: 8

Equal parts The Big Sleep and Chinatown meets Wings of Desire, which is to say a novel that has a very cinematic feel to it in its combination of noir and the world of angels. Beginning with the death of the Seraph Gabriel, the story follows a small-time fallen angel Bayliss who accidentally kills a mortal, Molly, as part of a plan to use her as a replacement for Gabriel. Unfortunately, Bayliss had planned on using Molly’s brother Martin and whoever he’s working for had plans that didn’t account for someone like Molly. Now both of them have to work together to figure out who’s responsible and to track down the whereabouts of the Jericho Horn.

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