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Necessary Evil (Milkweed Triptych, book 3)

By Ian Tregillis

Necessary Evil (Milkweed Triptych, book 3)

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2013-05-20 14:06:48
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2013-05-23 08:09:56


Rating: 8

IN the conclusion to the Milkweed Tritych, Raybould Marsh has traveled back in time to 1940 right after the capture of Gretel before she’s freed by her brother Klaus. In order to save the world from being destroyed by the Eidolons, he has to remove all knowledge of the Eidolons and prevent his younger self from recruiting the warlocks of the Milkweed Project. At the same time, he must destroy the project that gave rise to Gretel, though it’s not clear whether she’s working against him or if this is all part of her mad plan to prevent the world from being utterly consumed.

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