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White Cat (Curse Workers, book 1)

By Holly Black

White Cat (Curse Workers, book 1)

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2014-05-06 09:49:49
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Rating: 7

The world of Cassel Sharpe is much like our own except that some people are “curse workers”, capable of performing feats like altering the emotions of others or killing with a touch. In his family, Cassel is the only one who has no abilities. Or so he thinks. When he wakes up on the roof of his school with no idea how he got there, he discovers that his family has been keeping secrets from him and all of it is somehow tied to the Zacharov crime family that the Sharpes have connected with. Somehow, there’s more to Cassel’s memories of murdering Lila Zacharov and his lack of memories of the event are putting him in grave danger.

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