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Circle of Enemies (Twenty Palaces, book 3)

By Harry Connolly

Circle of Enemies (Twenty Palaces, book 3)

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2011-11-28 06:32:49
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Rating: 6

Just when he thinks he’s gotten out, Ray Lilly is drawn back to Los Angeles and the old crew he used to run with after an old friend shows up unexpectedly and cryptically tells him, “you killed me.” Before you know it, he’s hip deep in Outsiders, tangling with an old enemy who thinks maybe Harry will join him, and on a quest for one of the missing “books” of magic. Along the way, he meets some other members of the Twenty Palaces Society and learns more about them. During the course of the book, he and the Peer Annalise work more closely together as their relationship starts to become more on of equals.

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