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Operation: Saddlebags (Queen & Country, Vol. 7)

By Greg Rucka, Mike Norton

Operation: Saddlebags (Queen & Country, Vol. 7)

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2012-07-14 12:37:40
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2012-07-14 13:37:40


Rating: 5

After her last mission, Tara Chace takes a vacation to Switzerland in order to visit her mother. Upon her return, she and the new Minder Three are sent to St. Petersburg to investigate a government official who may be selling secret geological data to the Russians. The only problem? His brother is high up in the Ministry of Defense and friends with the Prime Minister. This graphic novel is a direct lead-in to the full-length novel A Gentleman’s Game. While I appreciated the French and German dialogue, particularly the way it highlights Tara’s facility with languages, the lack of translation and nuance (such as might be provided in a prose work) actually detracted from the flow of the story.

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