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Operation: Morningstar (Queen & Country, Vol. 2)

By Greg Rucka, Brian Hurtt, Christine Norrie

Operation: Morningstar (Queen & Country, Vol. 2)

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2012-07-09 22:48:24
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Rating: 6

“Afghanistan is one of the hottest political spots in the world. When the taleban discovers foreign journalists are also serving as covert-agents for the SIS, the Minders are put on a mission to find a secret contact list before the enemy does; however, when Director of Operations Paul Crocker decides to send only his male agents into the field, it doesn’t sit well with Tara Chace. Adding insult to injury, she’s currently required to attend therapy sessions to deal with the effects of previous operations. Not content to sit on her hands, Tara spends her time trying to piece together the puzzle, aiding Minders Wallace and Kittering in their race against the clock.” – Oni Press site synopsis

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