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Queen & Country: Declassified Vol.1

By Greg Rucka, Brian Hurtt

Queen & Country: Declassified Vol.1

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2012-07-14 13:31:07
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2012-07-15 13:31:07


Rating: 6

“The first spin-off from the award-winning Queen & Country graphic novel series takes readers back in time to the mid-’80s. Before Paul Crocker was head of Special Section, he was an agent in the field. A run of bad luck is dogging him across Europe. His attempt to extract one political refugee from Berlin met with failure, and when he is immediately sent to perform a similar assignment in Prague, he is determined to succeed at all costs. Leaving his new wife and the quiet home life they dream of behind, Crocker commits himself to the double-edged world of espionage once and for all.” – Oni Press

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