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By Greg Egan


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2011-09-07 06:00:55
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2011-09-11 16:08:41


Rating: 7

Spanning decades, Zendegi is the story of two people, Martin and Nasim. In the immediate future, journalist Martin has been assigned to Iran to cover elections and events there as an “Arab Spring”-type uprising unfolds. Meanwhile, Nasim is a brilliant scientist who’s part of the Human Connectome Project, having fled Iran with her mother after her father was murdered years ago. Jumping forward, their paths cross after Martin marries an Iranian and has a kid and Nasim returns to Iran and eventually becomes part of Zendegi, a game company that makes virtual worlds. When he discovers he’s dying, Martin asks Nasim to capture his consciousness to help his son as he grows up. Somewhere between Walter Jon Williams’ Deep State and Tad Williams’ Otherworld series, this book manages to be less about the virtual worlds and more an examination of what it means to be human and how our consciousness works.

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