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Legends of Red Sonja

By Gail Simone, Nancy A. Collins, Devin Kalile Grayson

Legends of Red Sonja

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2015-01-03 08:13:00
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2015-01-07 08:13:00


Rating: 6

From the Publisher:
In this unique collection, ongoing Red Sonja series writer Gail Simone hand-picked eleven of the fiercest, most talented, and most popular female writers from the worlds of comics, prose, games, and television, to help her tell the greatest legends in the She-Devil’s long history! A group of savage mercenaries hired to hunt and kill Sonja come across campfire tales of her at every turn… and Sonja does not like to be hunted. – Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Marjorie M. Liu, Nancy A. Collins, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Rhianna Pratchett, and many more tell fascinating bits of Sonja’s legend, with a wrap-around tale by Simone herself, and art by the likes of Phil Noto, Jim Calafiore, Jack Jadson, and others. – Collects Legends of Red Sonja issues #1-5, the script to issue #1, concept art by Jack Jadson, and more!

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