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Alif the Unseen

By G. Willow Wilson

Alif the Unseen

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2012-07-20 09:35:26
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2012-07-27 08:51:23


Rating: 7

Young Arab-Indian computer hacker Alif is willing to help anyone whose ideas run counter to that of the authorities. But all he really wants is to be with the woman he’s in love with, an aristocratic student. When she’s betrothed to non other than Alif’s nemesis, “The Hand of God”, he’s devastated. But even as she breaks off their relationship, she sends him a book of stories alleged to have been narrated by the Jinn. Next thing you know, ALif is on the run, aided by an underworld figure known as Vikram the Vampire along with his neighbor, Dina, and a host of others who have an interest in changing the status quo. A good mix of magic with technology and current events.

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