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Night Pilgrims (the Comte Saint-Germain Saga, book 26)

By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Night Pilgrims (the Comte Saint-Germain Saga, book 26)

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2013-08-29 21:36:36
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2013-10-01 21:26:12


Rating: 6

After leaving China (Path of the Eclipse), the Comte Saint-Germain finds himself back in Egypt in the early part of the 13th century. His services are requested as a translator by Sieur Horembaud, an Anglo-French knight leading a party of pilgrims to the Christian shrines and chapels in the Ethiopian Highlands to atone for the crime of slaughtering a village of Christians thinking they were Muslims on the verge of poisoning the local wells. During the journey, Sidi Sandjer’min (as he’s known in Egypt) must protect the pilgrims, atone for his own sins, and deal with the attraction he feels for the noble Margrethe.

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