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The Trade of Queens (The Merchant Princes, book 6)

By Charles Stross

The Trade of Queens (The Merchant Princes, book 6)

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Tags: charles stross, merchant princes, parallel universes, science fiction

Started reading:
2010-05-10 08:37:20
Finished reading:
2010-05-14 17:36:27


Rating: 6

The final book in the series leaves many new openings as it resolves the current story, ending with the exile of worldwalkers to the world of New Britain. A satisfying finish though everything from the cover to the jacket blurb is a bit of a spoiler. Still, a satisfying end, while leaving the possibility of additional short stories or novels. Still, if the conclusion frees Stross to write more books about the Laundry instead, I’m all for that too.

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