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The Revolution Business (The Merchant Princes, book 5)

By Charles Stross

The Revolution Business (The Merchant Princes, book 5)

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Started reading:
2009-07-24 10:59:55
Finished reading:
2009-07-26 21:28:47


Rating: 6

Nobody does alternate worlds with quite the elan of Charles Stross, whether it’s virtual worlds or parallel timelines. Most reminiscent of the shifting realities of Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber, this series is less high fantasy and definitely grittier, though with the same politics and intrigues. In this latest book, more worlds have been discovered and different factions are competing in an increasing complex jumble of objectives. With missing nuclear weapons and the U.S. government becoming aware of the world-walkers, things are getting seriously sticky. The ending left things a trifle inconclusive, so one can only hope that there’s not too much of a gap between this and the next one, as I otherwise fear I may forget the characters roles and relationships to each other in the interim.

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