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How To Send a Message

By Caimh McDonnell

How To Send a Message


Started reading:
2021-02-05 16:00:32
Finished reading:
2021-02-08 16:00:32


Rating: 8

From the publisher:
[How To Send A Message] features a mix of stories featuring characters from his critically acclaimed novels, and weird and wonderful genre-spanning short stories all featuring Caimh’s unique voice. Kickass nuns battle South American drug lords, a student realises the perils of drunk time travel and someone finds ‘the one’ through one last desperate throw of the speed dating dice. Several of the stories also feature the character Caimh is most famous for, Bunny McGarry.

How To Send A Message is a Christmas selection box full of the kind of diverse stories and oddball characters that readers have come to expect from Caimh McDonnell’s work.

In particular, it contains:

How To Send a Message (A Bunny McGarry short story)

Dog Day Afternoon (A Bunny short story featuring the inimitable Maggie the dog)

Sisters Gonna Work It Out (A Sisters’ of the Saint novella)

Smithy’s Revenge (A novella featuring Smithy and Diller who appear in the book Disaster Inc)

Good Deeds and Bad Intentions (A Christmas novella featuring Bunny plus Smithy, Diller and Cheryl)

as well as loads of Caimh’s favorite short stories that have nothing to do with his books.

Please Note: This collection has been previously made available for free in e-book format to members of Caimh’s mailing list. In fact, it is still available by going to his author website and signing up to receive his monthly newsletter.

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