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The Escapists

By Brian K Vaughan, Jason Alexander, Steve Rolston, Philip Bond, Eduardo Barreto

The Escapists

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Started reading:
2012-07-09 14:10:29
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2012-07-11 14:10:29


Rating: 8

Based on the work by Michael Chabon (and with a foreword written by him), this is the story of Max Roth, a young man who is a fan of the forgotten Golden Age hero the Escapist. In attempting to resurrect his hero, the lines between fiction and fact blur, much like the meta-fictional Escapist himself. The story by Brian K. Vaughn is as much an homage to Chabon’s work as it is to the whole Golden Age of comic books, all told with a poignancy that will likely appeal to fans of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World but having more emotional depth (at least to me).

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