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Peter & Max: a Fables Novel

By Bill Willingham

Peter & Max: a Fables Novel

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Started reading:
2010-09-12 21:58:16
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2010-09-14 17:58:16


Rating: 7

This novelization set in the same milieu as the Fables graphic novels is a tale in two parts, intercutting between the story of Peter and Max Piper in the Fable land of Hess as it’s overrun by the Emperor (AKA the Usurper) and the modern final confrontation between the two brothers in Hamelin. Many other characters make an appearance, most notably the Big Bad Wolf (as in Peter and the Wolf), Little Bo Peep, and the Witch of the Black Forest (who has had many names, including Frau Totenkinder in the modern world). Medieval and magical with much the feeling of one of the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm in the best way possible.

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