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Moon Over Soho (Rivers of London, book 2)

By Ben Aaronovitch

Moon Over Soho (Rivers of London, book 2)

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Started reading:
2011-08-08 14:05:20
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2011-08-09 22:27:03


Rating: 7

When London constable and apprentice wizard Peter Grant investigates the magical murder of a jazz drummer, he finds that being the son of Richard “Lord” Grant may be the entree he needs in his investigation. Or it may be tied directly to the source of the murders. Meanwhile, there’s another killer running around Soho and her latest victim is a practitioner with ties to the school Peter’s mentor attended back before World War II decimated the ranks of Europe’s magicians. There are several major loose ends in this second outing, so one hopes that a new book will be forthcoming sooner rather than later.

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