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Rain Storm (John Rain series, book 2)

By Barry Eisler

Rain Storm (John Rain series, book 2)

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2012-02-23 06:01:08
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2012-02-29 21:39:20


Rating: 6

After leaving Japan, John Rain finds himself hired by the Agency to assassinate an arms dealer named Achille Belghazi in Macau. He’d gone to ground in Brazil and done his best to disappear including learning Portugese, but when he reconnects with Naomi, a woman he met in Tokyo, that choice provides the information they need to track him down, leaving him with no choice but to accept the assignment. His first attempt is thwarted by the enigmatic Delilah, Belghazi’s traveling companion who may or may not be working for the Mossad and has an agenda of her own that doesn’t involve Rain getting rid of Belghazi before she’s accomplished her mission.

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