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Blood Memories (Vampire Memories series, book 1)

By Barb Hendee

Blood Memories (Vampire Memories series, book 1)

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Tags: barb hendee, fantasy, vampire, vampire hunter, vampire memories

Started reading:
2010-01-03 19:29:32
Finished reading:
2010-01-05 17:31:52


Rating: 5

Despite an interesting main character who should be sympathetic, it’s hard to empathize with a centuries-old vampire who kills to survive and whose “power” is to appear helpless. It’s all explained and the reasons for all of this are interesting, but the mortal police officer who should be a little more appalled by the main character’s body count seems surprisingly blase about the whole thing. The introduction of each new vampire also seemed a little too linear, as if juggling interactions between multiple vampires (more than three at a time) was a little too difficult.

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