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Head First C#

By Andrew Stellman, Jennifer Greene

Head First C#

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Started reading:
2009-05-15 21:39:58
Finished reading:
2009-05-24 07:32:39


Rating: 7

When I studied for my Java certification, Headfirst Java was one of the alternate textbooks suggested by the instructor. Though I didn’t use it, had I known how much time would be spent on Design Patterns, I would have purchased the Headfirst book on that topic. Now that I’m trying to devote some time to learning C#, I’m browsing this book in order to decide whether to purchase it for my studies. The style in the series is fairly clear with good examples and a little less chaff when compared something like the Dummies books and in a fashion that’s a little less dry than the O’Reilly books. Had I not already done some stuff of a similar nature to some of the chapter projects, this would be an excellent book for to learn from and I liked the pedagogy behind the approach (explained moreso than other Headfirst books).

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