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The Last Dream Keeper (An Echo Park Coven, book 2)

By Amber Benson

The Last Dream Keeper (An Echo Park Coven, book 2)

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2016-03-03 22:08:16
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2016-03-05 22:08:16


Rating: 6

From the publisher:
Lyse MacAllister did not step into an easy role when she took over as master of the Echo Park coven of witches after her great-aunt Eleanora’s death. As she begins to forge the bonds that will help her lead her sisters, she struggles to come to terms with her growing powers. And she soon faces a deadly new threat. A group of fanatics intent on bringing about the end of times has invaded the witches Council–but the Council is turning a blind eye to the danger growing in its midst.

Only one witch is prophesied to be able to stop the encroaching darkness. And if Lyse and her blood sisters are to have any chance at protecting all we know from being lost forever, they must keep her safe–no matter what the cost…

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