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The End of Magic (Echo Park Coven, book 3)

By Amber Benson

The End of Magic (Echo Park Coven, book 3)


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2017-09-26 18:58:48
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2017-09-29 18:58:48


Rating: 5

From the publisher:
Lyse MacAllister used to be like everyone else–blissfully ignorant of magic, of the dire battles being fought in shadows and secrecy. But that was before her great-aunt Eleanora died, leaving her in control of the Echo Park coven; before she found herself in the middle of the witches’ clash with the anti-magic zealots known as The Flood; before her blood sisters lost their faith in her.

As The Flood begins turning humans across the globe against the witches, Lyse must find a way to regain the trust of her former magical family and once again unify them. Because the final battle between good and evil is looming–and if the witches don’t stand together, all of humankind could be lost…

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