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Blood Groove

By Alex Bledsoe

Blood Groove

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Started reading:
2010-11-09 16:14:34
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2010-11-09 16:14:34


Rating: 4

Books where the protagonists are anti-heroes or just criminally inept aren’t really my cup of tea, Moorcock’s Elric series in the former category being an exception. I was expecting something a little more John Shirley-esque with a bit of a souther gothic vein (a la Poppy Z. Brite with less angst). This, unfortunately, is not that book and the setting and history don’t do enough to redeem the characters. Replace the cliches of “what is this thing you call a telephone” with “what is this idea you call civil rights” and you know pretty much everything you need to know about this book. Oh, and vampires aren’t really bad, they are what they are because their powers make them that way – there’s no moral quandary or humanity to consider there unless you’re unfortunate enough to be a human who temporarily gets those powers (or survive the experience of inhaling mummy dust, but that seems to be a pretty transient effect).

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