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Restless Soul (Rogue Angel, book 28)

By Alex Archer

Restless Soul (Rogue Angel, book 28)

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2011-08-06 15:12:34
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2011-08-08 14:00:59


Rating: 5

While on vacation in Thailand, Annja travels to investigate the country’s legendary Spirit Caves. As always, there’s more going on than it first appears and it’s somehow tied to a treasure find by American GIs in Vietnam. This book, more than others, has a ton of exposition covering the history of Northern Thailand, the early history of Vietnam, and New Orleans Hoodoo (and the differentiation between Hoodoo and Voodoo). Unfortunately, the exposition seems to exist mainly to transition between different locales and set piece fight scenes, though the action is well-written and the villains (and their back-stories) are all interesting.

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