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Paradox (Rogue Angel series, book 21)

By Alex Archer

Paradox (Rogue Angel series, book 21)

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Tags: action, action adventure, adventure, alex archer, paranormal romance

Started reading:
2010-04-27 10:46:29
Finished reading:
2010-04-28 13:53:36


Rating: 4

Accompanying an expedition to investigate Mount Ararat and possibly the literal truth of Noah’s Ark, this latest excursion has more characterization including a collection of fundamentalist Christians, a Jewish Qabbalist, a film crew from Annja’s television network, and an aging journalist. The technical aspects of the mountain climb are described well and the characters are interesting even though, as usual, almost none of them make it out alive. The brief appearance of the enigmatic Mister Spring is nicely done, though who he is remains unclear (though his real identity as Gilgamesh is alluded to).

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