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God of Clocks (The Deepgate Codex, book 3)

By Alan Campbell

God of Clocks (The Deepgate Codex, book 3)

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Started reading:
2009-05-22 13:09:58
Finished reading:
2009-05-24 07:30:32


Rating: 5

Ever since Michael Moorcock, I’ve been a little bit jaded about stories with anti-heroes or where all the protagonists are varying dark shades of grey. Still, this series is a fun read, being the bastard offspring of Glen Cook’s Dark Company series and Clive Barker’s Hellraiser with a healthy dollop of steampunk sensibility. In that regard, I found the scenes of warfare to be reminiscent of Swanwick’s “The Iron Dragon’s Daughter”. In all, this particular book hangs together well and supplies a somewhat satisfying ending.

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